Starter Kit 1 Gourmet option
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Finger food for a night in a kit...*5 ounces of deli sliced: genoa salami, calabrese salami, sopresata salami, and hard salami 1-Package of Proscuitto *5 ounces of Creamy Havarti *5 ounces of White Cheddar 1-8oz mozarella cheese 1-8oz container of roasted red peppers 1-5oz jar of black olives 1-large package of local cashews 1-can of mixed nuts 2-packages of carr's water crackers 1-bag of basil 1 pound of roma tomatoes 1-baquette bread (locally made) 1-whole wheat bread (locally made) 1-bottle of olive oil 1/2 gallon of fresh orange juice 1-bottle of fat bastard shiraz

*Please note: due to flux in inventory and availability-if a product is not available-a comparable substitute will be provided. **Please order with at least 24-48 hours of notice for this package!**

  • Item #: FOODIE 1
  • Manufacturer: Mata Grande Grocery

Starter Kit 1 Gourmet option

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